Guide to New Player Bonuses

Almost all casinos on the internet offer a signup bonus, also called a welcome or new player bonus, to new players opening a gaming account. These are available in the shape of free credits to play with and they're a major benefit of gambling online instead of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. It might seem unrealistic that you can receive what's basically free cash, but the truth is that you definitely can.

If you gamble online, then you should try and make the most of these offers whenever it's possible, as they're an amazing way to wring more out of your money. But you should also learn precisely how they work. Of course, bonuses vary and some are friendlier to players than others. The biggest bonuses aren't always the best and a small one may sometimes be better than a bigger one.

That's because they always have certain requirements that must be met, which vary quite substantially from one platform to another. In this piece, we explain how various types of new player bonuses work, as well as the wagering requirements.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

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There are different kinds of signup bonuses in the gaming industry, and casinos often offer different promotions to target their individual niche markets. Here are some of the common variations of the welcome promotion.

100% match bonus offer: In many casinos, the best welcome promotions come as a percentage of the amount initially deposited by the player. The most popular version is a 100% bonus promotion. Or the casino can offer a 30% or 50% bonus. This means if you decide to deposit $100, you'll get an extra $30 or $50 in your account.

200%+ match promotion: Some gambling platforms go the extra mile and will offer an extra 200%. But remember that bonuses that are more than 100% often have lower caps. It should come as no surprise if you find a welcome promotion of 200%, capped at $50 or $100.

Bonus money with free spins: Some gambling platforms combine free spins with free playing cash for video slots. For instance, a casino may offer a deposit bonus of 100% up to $500, along with 50 free spins. A fine print will define this promotion, especially on how to use free spins. A majority of casinos that combine their welcome offer with free spins will specify where you can use the free spins and what the wagering requirements are.

Wagering Requirements

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Signup bonuses are enticing promotions, but they usually come with certain terms and conditions. Many casinos that offer welcome bonuses will specify a wagering requirement, meaning that you can't automatically cash out the extra amount you receive from the casino. Instead of a quick cash out, the gambling site will require you to wager multiple times.

Of course, different casinos come with different wagering requirements, ranging from 10 to 30 times. Some casinos will even have a wagering requirement of up to 70 times, so it's important to read the casino's terms and conditions before registering and playing the games.

But on the plus side, there are some progressive casinos that don't have a wagering requirement. Just read the casino's fine print to know if welcome bonuses come with the typical wagering requirements.