Privacy Policy

The personal information which we are most likely to request for from visitors to our website includes your first name, surname, age, email and location. At, we also make use of cookies to improve your experience of browsing our content.

How Will Your Personal Information Be Used?

We make use of your age to ensure you are legally permitted to browse the content we provide on our website. This is due to the fact that we consider ourselves to be a responsible provider of information on virtual wagering.

Your email, surname and first name will be used in the event of our resolving any concerns which you forward to us. Should law enforcement authorities request for your personal data, we will also be required to forward it to them in accordance with legal requirements.

Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

With the exception of the circumstances mentioned above, we at will not share your personal information with any other third parties for any purposes or under any other circumstances.

If you would like to receive additional information on how your personal information will be used to protect your privacy while also providing you with an improved browsing experience, feel free to contact us at